• Being Effectively Assertive


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    One of our twelve most common human error causal factors is stated as a lack of assertiveness. This presentation is aimed at helping people to be effectively assertive without appearing to be aggressive or bullying.

    This course is self-paced. You may leave at any point but please note where you were when you left off since the system will not remember that. Simply scroll down to complete lectures and sections. Upon completion of the course, you will be directed to an online quiz. Successful completion of the quiz is required to earn FAA Wings credit. The course is valid for ½ Credit for Advanced Knowledge Topic 2.


  • Module #1:The Problem, the Solution, and Course Objectives

  • Module #2: Pilot-in-Command

    Being P-I-C and the Need to be Assertive

    Be Assertive but be Knowledgeable

  • Immediate Need or Non-Immediate Need?

    It makes a difference in how we respond.

  • Activity #1

    About the Activities

    The following activities have been designed to help solidify understanding of some important aspects of being effectively assertive. While they appear to be still images, the activities employ interactive video. To begin each one, you will click on the familiar "PLAY" arrow. Once you have completed each activity, simply scroll down to the next activity or section.

    Activity #2



    Activity #3



    Activity #4



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