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    Welcome to Checklists Micro-Course

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  • Introduction


    Did you know that the Boeing Company almost ceased to exist in the 1930s because of a crash and that the company was saved when someone created the first checklist? Learn more about that story and how checklists have evolved into essential tools we can use today.

    This course is intended to increase the pilot's awareness of how effective and efficient checklist usage can actually lower the pilot's workload and increase safety. Even the most simple airplane can be flown more safely by incorporating appropriate checklists.

    This course will explain why checklists should be dynamic documents, always ready to be improved or expanded. It will discuss the creation or revision of checklists for normal operations, abnormal operations, and emergency procedures. It will also show how the process of creating or revising checklists will increase better understanding of the airplane's systems and operation. The course also includes a bonus module on the importance of creating and using abnormal procedures checklists. The bonus module is a required part of the course.

    How it works

    The course consists of four learning modules, a downloads module, and a quiz. For each learning module, watch the video carefully and follow any text instructions provided. Be sure to download the sample checklists and other documents from the downloads module. They are a required part of the course. Any of the material may be viewed again as desired. When you believe you are ready, click the link at the end of the course to take the online quiz. Special instructions for the quiz and how to receive Wings credit is provided in that section. Completion of the course and quiz is valid for 1-Credit Basic Knowledge Topic-2 in the Wings program. Please note that completion of the course is also valid for the Avemco Safety Rewards program.

  • Module 1 - Checklist Basics

  • Module 2 - Effective Use of Checklists

  • Module 3 - Modifying or Creating Checklists

  • Bonus Module - Abnormal Procedure Checklists

  • Downloads Module

    Some Useful Documents Related to the Course are presented here.

    Click on a highlighted link and the document will be downloaded.

    Stabilized Approach

    Though not technically a checklist, this document provides sample criteria for a stabilized approach.

    Stabilized Approach

    Sample Checklists

    The sample checklists provided are just that - samples. They may not be suitable for all aircraft and all operations. They are intended to be used as a guide in developing checklists to suite individual pilots, airplanes, and operations.


    The Checklist Paper Download is simply for optional use if a format suitable for a Jeppesen style binder is desired.

    Checklist Paper


    Additional Sample Checklists:


    In-Range Checklist


    Approach Briefing Checklist


    Landing Checklist


    Go-Around Checklist





  • Quiz

    About the Quiz

    The quiz consists of multiple choice questions. The passing grade is 80%. You may retake the quiz if necessary. When you submit your quiz, we will be notified via email. We will issue your Wings credit within seven days. When you believe you are prepared for the final quiz, click the link below.